Thursday, February 25, 2016

SFPD Names 7 Cops Facing Disciplinary Charges

We filed a public records request last week with the San Francisco police force and the nominally-independent police commission for various files, and the responsive records released included a two-page "confidential document" listing seven names of officers facing disciplinary charges.

While most of the officers' names are redacted, seven are visible: Alan Byard, Serge White, Calvin Wiley, Christian Crane, Thomas Wong, Thomas McCloskey and Joe Vidal.

The charges they face are omitted but we know which police commissioner has been assigned a complaint, when the charges were filed and probably with the Office of Civilian Complaints, and the status of the complaints.

As far as we know, this is the first time the police have released any names of officers facing accountability processing through the commission.

We'd like the SFPD to release these case summaries, and more info such as charges filed and outcomes of hearings, made public on a regular basis and without anyone having to file a public records request. 

The onus is on the SFPD and the commission to deliver accountability via transparency, and not just feel-good press conferences with the mayor and powerless listening sessions around town.

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