SF Nonprofits' Meeting Notices

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Below is the text of San Francisco's summary of the Nonprofit Public Access Ordinance pertaining to which charities must hold open meetings in exchange for City funds and how meeting notices are to be shared.

Currently, the Clerk of the Board Angela Calvillo does not publish the notices online. They are kept in binder at her City Hall office and at the main library.

We are in conversation with this office about them using City resources to make the meeting information of the nonprofits available on City web sites and will keep you updated on that effort.

For now, here are the meetings notices on file with the Clerk of the Board provided to us recently:

Excerpts from the law:
As used in this Chapter the following words and phrases shall have the meanings indicated herein: [...]
(e) "Nonprofit organization" shall mean any corporation formed pursuant to California Corporations Code Sections 5000 et seq. for any public or charitable purpose, and/or any organization described within 26 USC Section 501(c), which receives a cumulative total per year of at least $250,000 in City-provided or City-administered funds. [...]

(a) Meetings Open to the Public. Except as provided in Subsections (a)(2) or (a)
(1) Each nonprofit organization shall designate and hold at least two designated public meetings per year. Issues addressed by the Board of Directors at designated public meetings shall be of approximately the same general nature and significance to the nonprofit organization as issues typically addressed by the Board of Directors at its other regular or special meetings. These issues may include adoption of the nonprofit organization"s budget, nomination of members of the organization"s Board of Directors, and evaluation of the organization"s contract(s) with the City. [...]
(d) Notice.
(1) Each nonprofit organization shall provide the public with notice of each designated public meeting at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.
(2) The Board of Directors shall cause a written notice of the date, time and location of each designated public meeting to be submitted to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors who shall post the written notice where notices of meetings of the Board of Supervisors are posted, and to the San Francisco Main Library Government Information Center which shall post the written notice where notices of meetings of City boards and commissions are posted. In addition, upon inquiry by a member of the public, the nonprofit organization shall disclose the date, time and location of the designated public meeting. 

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