Saturday, March 5, 2016

Homeless Inc's 3/7 Hearing Ignores Tent City Sweep

A key component to address homelessness in San Francisco is highly dysfunctional, consists of Homeless Inc representatives more interested in their govt contracts than effective public engagement and solution-finding, and refuses to meet at City Hall at an early evening hour more convenient for working folks or air hearings on SFGovTV.

A stark example of how not to run a City advisory panel.

My previous blogging on the City's Local Homeless Coordinating Board from 2012 is here and here, and from last month is here.

In the past six weeks, the plight of the homeless population living in Tent City along Division Street and concentrated around Rainbow Grocery, has been of much concern to many. The City conducted small sweeps, slowing dismantling the temporary homes of plastic, creating widespread debate and social media and political attention.

Yet, nothing related to Tent City's sweep and the pushing out to other neighborhoods of the homeless people who found refuge under the freeway is on the LHCB's agenda for the Monday, March 7, hearing starting at 11 am at 150 Otis and Division Streets.

What's on the agenda? A report, no advance details disclosed, from Homeless Czar Sam Dodge who, if he's presenting facts on the sweeps he should state this beforehand. Regardless, it's unacceptable there are no details about whatever Dodge will discuss and may be in violation of open govt laws.

After Dodge, the board discusses a potential legal maneuver, yawn, from a Homeless Inc legal nonprofit related to federal rental subsidies.

Next up is wording on official comments, double yawn, from the LHCB on the Housing and Urban Development's change in defining chronic homelessness. The draft letter to HUD is available for all to read.

After that crucial local homeless issue, snark-snark, is dealt with the board will next hear a report about entry into the City's adult continuum of care program and then on to the vital matter of upcoming meetings.

Jeez, with those items on the agenda and not a damn thing about the Division Street population now scattered hither and yon, and associated problems with folks living on the streets in tents and resultant public health hazards for the homeless and others, it's Homeless Inc business as usual at this Monday's LHCB meeting.


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