Sunday, January 17, 2016

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Agenda for Peskin's Rent Control Brain Trust's City Hall Meeting?

Affordable Housing Inc in San Francisco has mastered the illusion of being a bottom-up, grassroots component of the City, but the more accurate depiction is of a cabal continually meeting behind closed doors amongst themselves and elected officials.

Leaders of the cabal include Randy Shaw, a Berkeley resident who runs several Tenderloin nonprofits, Gen Fujioka lawyer and reporter for 48 Hills, Fred Sherburn-Zimmer, director of the Housing Rights Committee, Scott Weaver, lawyer and leader of Plaza 16, Tina Cheung of the Chinatown Community Development Center, and Peter Cohen of the Council of Community Housing Organizations.

They had a one-hour private meeting with Supervisor Aaron Peskin at City Hall on January 7th and the topic was Rent Control Brain Trust according to Peskin's calendar. I've filed a public records request for the agenda and all notes kept by the supervisor or his staff.

If there were genuine progressive transparency in San Francisco, these nonprofit leaders would disclose at a followup public meeting what was discussed with Peskin about this brain trust.

And govt transparency would be better served if Peskin and all Supervisors, elected officials and public servants required to keep a calendar, posted their schedules on the web.

Until then, there's the Govt Access Project!

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