SF Police Dept's Press & Social Media Unit

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We made a public records request of the department, as part of our effort to widen transparency at the police force. There are eight, 8, personnel in public info office and eighteen, 18, official Twitter accounts. Names and contact info for those public servants and their social media outlets, are shared below.

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This chart was created by City Hall open govt watchdog Patrick Monette-Shaw, showing the names of the individuals and details such as their salary. Here is the info from the department's Briseida Banuelos of the legal division:

The San Francisco Police Department (“SFPD”) received your Immediate Disclosure requests on December 21, 2015. You requested:

REQUEST: “I wish to amend my request to include a list of all persons, profiles, identities, accounts, etc, currently banned from any and all SFPD official social media especially but not limited to Facebook and Twitter.”

For @Officer Albie:

For @SFPDNorthern:

REQUEST: “For time present, provide a list of every social media platform - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest, et al - officially operated by the SFPD.”

SFPD’s HQ Social Media Platforms:

REQUEST: “The name and electronic contact info for each SFPD deputy responsible for each social media outlet.”

SFPD HQ Media Relations:

Facebook - Officer Wilson Ng and Director of Community Engagement David Stevenson
Twitter - Officer Wilson Ng and Director of Community Engagement David Stevenson
Youtube - Officer Wilson Ng
Vimeo - Officer Wilson Ng

Social Media Accounts:

Central Station – Captain David Lazar, SFPDCentral@sfgov.org, Twitter: @SFPDCentral, (415) 315-2400

Southern Station – Anthony Usog, SFPDSouthernStation@sfgov.org, Twitter: @SFPDSouthern, (415) 553-1373

Bayview Station – Officer Ellina Teper, SFPDBayviewStation@sfgov.org, Twitter: @SFPDBayview, (415) 671-2300

Mission Station – Officer Steven Keith, SFPDMissionStation@sfgov.org, Twitter: @SFPDMission, (415) 558-5400

Northern Station – Denise Debrunner, SFPDNorthernStation@sfgov.org, Twitter: @SFPDNorthern, (415) 614-3400

Park Station – Officer Gary Cheng, SFPDParkStation@sfgov.org, Twitter: @SFPDPark, (415) 242-3000

Richmond Station – Captain Simon Silverman, SFPDRichmondSation@sfgov.org, Twitter: @SFPDRichmond, Facebook: SFPD Richmond Station, (415) 666-8000

Ingleside Station – Officer Yesenia Brandt, SFPDInglesideStation@sfgov.org, Twitter: SFPDIngleside, Facebook: SFPD Ingleside Station, Ingleside Police Station, (415) 404-4000

Taraval Station – Officer Benny Lew, SFPDTaravalStation@sfgov.org, Twitter: @SFPDTaraval, (415) 759-3100

Tenderloin Station – Captain Teresa Ewins, Twitter: @TLCaptain, SFPDTenderloinStation@sfgov.org, Officer Anthony Asseretto, Twitter: @SFPDTenderloin, (415) 345-7300

Chief Information Officer – Susan Merritt, Twitter: @sfpdcio, Susan.Merritt@sfgov.org, 415-837-7300

Academy – Captain Greg Yee, Twitter: @SFPDAcademy, greg.yee@sfgov.org, (415) 401-4600

Twitter: @SFPDbiketheft – Sergeant Matthew Friedman, sfpdrichmond@sfgov.org, (415) 666-6000

Twitter: @SFPDcares – Officer John Cathey, sfpdcommunityrelations@sfgov.org, (415) 837-7245

Twitter: @SFPDcommission, FacebookSFPDCommission https://facebook.com/SFPDCommission – Sergeant Rachael Kilshaw, sfpd.commission@sfgov.org, 415-837-7070

Twitter: @SFPDRecruitment – Lieutenant Troy Dangerfield, sfpdcommunityrelations@sfgov.org, (415) 837-7245

Twitter: @SFTrafficSafety – Commander Mannix, Ann.Manix@sfgov.org

Twitter: @SFPD ChiefSuhr – Chief Suhr, ChiefSuhr@sfgov.org, (415) 837-7000

REQUEST: “Names, job duties and full contact info; phone, email, Twitter, social media, of all SFPD personnel currently working in the public info office.”

Media Relations personnel:

Sergeant Andraychak, Officer in Charge, Michael.andraychak@sfgov.org, @SFPDSgtMike, (415) 837-7395

Officer Esparza, Public Information Officer, @OfficerAlbie, albie.esparza@sfgov.org, (415) 837-7395

Officer Manfredi, Public Information Officer, @OfficerManfredi, carlos.m.manfredi@sfgov.org, (415) 837-7395

Officer Gatpandan, Public Information Officer, @Officer Grace, grace.m.gatpandan@sfgov.org, (415) 837-7395

Officer Ng, Social Media, @SFPD, Wilson.ng@sfgov.org (415) 837-7395

David Stevenson, Director of Community Engagement, @DStevensonSF, SFPD Media Relations, David.C.Stevenson@sfgov.org, (415) 837-7395

Vinnie Lew, Vinnie.Lew@sfgov.org, (415) 837-7395

Peter Thoshinsky, peter.thoshinsky@sfgov.org, (415) 837-7395

Media Relations: sfpdmediarelations@sfgov.org, (415) 837-7395


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