Blocked Twitter Accounts of Public Servants

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January 24, 2016

A public records request was sent to ten members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for the list of whom they block on their Twitter accounts, which they use for official business and personal reasons.  

So far, David Campos, Mark Farrell, Jane Kim, Aaron Peskin, Katy Tang and Norman Yee report they don't block anyone on Twitter. Supervisor Eric Mar is the only member who's not replied.

Board president London Breed, who we've nicknamed Boss Breed for her imperial methods of running meetings, vindictively handing out committee assignments to colleague and resisting every attempt obtain public records from her office, had her aide state the following:

"I am conferring with another city department about this portion of your request, so I'd like to invoke a 10 day extension. I will provide a response by no later than next Friday, January 29."

Our gut feeling is that Boss Breed is asking the City Attorney to give her a reason to withhold her Twitter block list. We'll see what her office next says about our request.

Malia Cohen's office provided us with a screen grab of her block list, which contains the name of three Twitter users.

From John Avalos' office, we see he has 123 folks he blocks on Twitter:

With more than 100 folks on his block list, Avalos is the leader thus far for the Supervisors who prevent people from reading his tweets. Frankly, we won't be surprised if Boss Breed has a longer list. We hope to receive her Twitter block list in a few days, same goes for Mar.

January 29, 2016

We're still waiting for Eric Mar's office to provide us with his Twitter block list, but today we received London Breed's block list. It came to two pages, which we share here. Thanks, all Supervisors, who shared your lists, which are public records.


  1. I was blocked by London Breed until very recently. Wonder if she cleaned up her list. I was critical of her as my Supe. @pkittytrisha

  2. Nicely done. You performed a real service here. Kudos.

    I made the cut getting blocked by Avalos. I think it was when I compared him to Max Frost and the Troopers from "Wild in the Streets" for advocating a 16 year old voting age. Or it may have been THIS.

    I've also been blocked by Eric Mar. Only blocked by 2 of the 11 Supes. I feel vaguely inadequate somehow.

    PRO TIP: All you have to do to be blocked by Eric Mar is retweet his Daily Show appearance.

    That's probably why you did not receive Mar's list - it's got to be ginormous.

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